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Thursday update: Woodhill on growth vs. fairness; Rickards on gold and the IMF; Kudlow on Geithner and Bernanke.

From Forbes, Louis Woodhill argues for economic growth rather than fairness.

In US News, Currency Wars author James Rickards explains the hidden role of gold at the IMF.

From The WSJ, George Melloan highlights US Rep. Kevin Brady’s Sound Dollar Act.

On CNBC, Larry Kudlow critiques Tim Geithner’s political rhetoric and Ben Bernanke’s refusal to raise inflation:

In The WSJ, Cato’s Dan Mitchell applauds Switzerland’s fiscal restraint law.

From Bloomberg, Caroline Baum examines the 2013 fiscal cliff.

The WSJ urges Mitt Romney to explain what he will do differntly than Presidents Obama and GW Bush, including on the dollar.

From First Trust, Brian Wesbury highlights Wednesday’s Fed policy statement.

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore reports the Senate’s Postal Service bailout.

On his website, Dilbert creator Scott Adams defends the rich.

The Sound Money Project features a video on inflation:

From Project Syndicate, Keynesian Stephen Roach defends China on trade and the yuan.

At Bloomberg, Jared Diamond notes Japan’s tremendous demographic challenges.

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