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Wednesday summary: Hanke on a gold-based currency board; The WSJ challenges the European economic debate; Hubbard says taxes will increase on all taxpayers.

From Globe Asia, Steve Hanke advocates creating a gold-based currency board.

The WSJ debunks the Keynesian debate between European austerity and fiscal stimulus.

On C-CPAN, Steve Forbes discusses the dollar and taxes:

In The WSJ, Glenn Hubbard argues the President’s spending plans will require tax increases on all taxpayers.

At Bloomberg, David Rocks links the euro’s surprising strength to the weak dollar.

From Forbes, Allstate’s Tom Wilson argues the Fed needs a single mandate requiring price stability.

On The Kudlow Report, Frederic Mishkin doubts Fed monetary creation will lead to increased inflation:

At Bloomberg, Francis Wilkinson critiques Art Laffer and Stephen Moore’s Rich States, Poor States.

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