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From, Tim Worstall believes the end of Moore’s Law is near.

In the WSJ, George Melloan praises John Tamny’s new book “Who Needs the Fed.”

At MarketWatch, Steve Goldstein writes house prices are historically high when compared to rent and pay.

At, John Tamny says it’s Donald Trump who is lifting applause lines from democrats

From, Tim Worstall attacks Donald Trump’s idea of pulling the U.S. out of the World Trade Organization.


At Bloomberg View, Timothy O’Brien says Donald Trump loves gold and don’t you forget it.


In The New Yorker, Sheelah Kolhatkar discusses Donald Trump’s tax plan.

At Fox Business, Stephen Moore details potential changes to Donald Trump’s tax plan.


At, Norbert Michel calls Dodd-Frank and Glass-Steagall ‘consumer protection for billionaires.’

In The Hill, Neil Siefring explains how a bill about catfish will show whether Paul Ryan is serious about regulatory reform.


Free Market Central shows how Africa is growing thanks to capitalism.

Photo Credit: Agnico-Eagle