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Trade War Fears Growing.

Policy and Government
At Reuters, David Chance and Steve Holland report President Trump will announce new tariffs today, trade war fears are growing.
From Fox Business, Arthur Laffer says the U.S. should not put tariffs on China.

Retailers urge President Trump to drop tariffs.
On The Bill Walton Show, Steve Moore and Veronique de Rugy talk China and trade.
FedEx CEO Fred Smith praises free trade.
At AEIdeas, Mark J. Perry reflects on how 95% of fund managers do not beat the market averages, cites Bethany McLean writing in Fortune: “Building a portfolio around index funds isn’t really settling for the average. It’s just refusing to believe in magic.”
In the NY Post, Jonathon Trugman says Larry Kudlow was the right pick.
At Fox News, John Fund believes Larry Kudlow could turbocharge the U.S. economy.
In the American Thinker, Pat Hall writes President Trump hit a homerun with Kudlow’s appointment.
In the WSJ, Richard Rubin reports Kudlow’s appointment breathes new life into the move to index capital gains to inflation.
At, Nathan Lewis writes Charles Adams explains why we need a Phase II to Trump’s tax cuts.
From the Tax Foundation, Jared Walczak reports two states cut taxes due to Trump’s tax reform.
Investor’s Business Daily tells the GOP not to bailout Obamacare.

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