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Trump’s Economic Legacy Explained

Unleash Prosperity Hotline 
Issue #198
1) Trump’s Economic Legacy Explained

The left keeps translating Trump’s outrageous behavior over the past weeks into a condemnation of his policies. Yesterday CTUP cofounder Arthur Laffer appeared on Fox Business and talked about the Trump economic legacy.

Among the many triumphs, the photo below highlights the amazing run of stock market gains over the last four years. Since some 150 million Americans own stock in pensions, 401ks, and individual stock ownership, this increase in valuation of U.S. companies is something to be applauded. Also, since the state and local governments and the feds, pick up about 20% of the increased valuation of American companies through dividends, capital gains, and corporate tax revenues, a booming stock market is the best medicine to help balance government budgets.

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