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Tuesday items: Reynolds rebuts Summers; Calhoun on deflation; Domitrovic on the President.

From Cato, Alan Reynolds responds to Larry Summers’ call for more government spending.

At Alhambra Partners, Joe Calhoun sees the dollar bouncing back and forth between inflation and deflation. For the record, here’s my column of last year on Robert Mundell’s similar view.

On Forbes, Brian Domitrovic critiques the President for doing nothing that would improve the economy.

The Daily Caller interviews Steve Forbes on Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital:

At RCM, John Tamny suggests fear of QE3, not bad unemployment numbers, is responsible for the market’s decline.

From The Atlas Sound Money Project, Devin Roundtree argues QE3 is already underway.

At Forbes, Charles Kadlec critiques the President’s economic policies.

In The WSJ, Robert Barro analyzes the economy’s malaise.

From The Washington Times, Richard Rahn covers efforts to impose global taxes.

In The WSJ, Roger Lowenstein reviews a book on the depression of 1837.

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