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Monetary Reform
On Die Welt, Daniel Eckert and Holger Zschäpitz recap the historical benefits of the gold standard.  
“During the crisis, the growing desire of many people to adopt a monetary policy that is oriented similarly to the time of clear rules, not on political motives. The distrust of paper money is now so great that the U.S. Republicans have decided the election campaign, a commission established to examine a return to the gold standard.”
From Forbes, Ralph Benko praises the emerging signs of a gold standard from Germany.
Detlev Schlichter provides an erudite demolation of Nominal GDP targeting
In The American Banker, John Allison argues that The Fed’s power should be reigned in.
Regulatory Reform
In The News Tribune, Richard Davis explains the need for regulatory reform.
At Fox News, Steve Forbes discusses the President’s remarks on the economy

At International Liberty, Dan Mitchell criticizes the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction plan.
In Truth in Pensions, Rich Danker reiterates Jim DeMint’s comments on pension reform.
From Open Market, Ivan Osorio explains the state pension bailout threat.