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Wednesday Highlights: Sean Fieler on how easy money punishes the middle class; Steve Forbes on the gold standard; Amity Shlaes on the war over pensions

Politics and Government
On Lou Dobbs, Lewis Lehrman addresses the problems with current Fed policy 

Bloomberg notes that Romney overrides his adviser Greg Mankiw and leans toward the monetary policies of John Taylor  

From Forbes, Cedric Muhammad states that Jude Wanniski’s electoral model points to an Obama landslide. 
Monetary Reform
At The WSJ, Sean Fieler shows how easy money is punishing the middle class. 
On The Street, Steve Forbes discusses the gold standard and the Federal Reserve. 
In Plata, Hugo Salinas Price argues that fiat money has been more destructive than war. 
From his official Congressional site, Ron Paul explains why gold is good money 
From, Ralph Benko notes the signs of the gold standard that are emerging from China. Also, Ralph Benko reprises the praise of the gold standard (and skepticism of politicians of both parties) of George Bernard Shaw from An Intelligent Women’s Guide to Socialism in TGSN
Regulatory Reform
On CNBC, Larry Kudlow attacks President Obama’s EPA regulations

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On Newsday, Amity Shlaes warns of the upcoming war over pensions

From Pensions & Investments, Rob Kozlowski writes on the 5 pension reform bills signed by John Kasich. 

At The Boston Herald, Frank Quaratiello says the Massachussetts pension fund is now $24 billion short. 

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