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Tuesday News: SS Tarapore noted the value of gold as a reserve bank asset; Steve Forbes on the gold standard; What James Bond Has to Teach Us About Monetary Policy

On National Review Online, Ted Cruz articulates the President’s anti-growth agenda
Monetary Reform
Retired central bank governor, SS Tarapore, of India notes the value of gold as a reserve bank asset and pushes India to acquire more, sooner rather than later
From Forbes, Ralph Benko writes on what James Bond has to teach us about monetary reform.
In Cato @ Liberty, a major new study by Alan Reynolds confirms recent studies which found little or no sustained increase in the inequality of disposable income for hte U.S. population over the past 20 years.
In The Street, Steve Forbes discusses the gold standard and the Federal Reserve

Regulatory Reform
From Pulse, Derek Miller outlines Utah’s path toward regulatory reform.
On Terra News, Diana Ransom compares Mitt Romney and President Obama’s policies on regulation.
From CNN Money, Jose Pagliery explains how President Obama’s tax plan aims at the rich, but catches small employers too.
At The WSJ, David Malpass warns that economic signals point to a 2013 recession.
In The OC Register, Amity Shlaes says an election won’t prevent a pension crash.
On Truth in Pensions, Jon Decker writes that Illinois lawmakers have kicked the can on pension reform.
CNBC reports on France’s tax-hiking budget


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