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Tuesday News: Unforced error: Atlantic Monthly botches monetary history; FT declares, “This is a golden age of global growth”; Bloomberg: Gold Bugs Had the Best Monetary Rule

Monetary Reform
US News applauds Brady Monetary Commission
Unforced error:  Atlantic Monthly botches monetary history, discovered by Brian Domitrovic  on
On FT, Arvind Subramanian declares this is an age of global growth.
Bloomberg: Gold Bugs Had the Best Monetary Rule
At Forbes, Ralph Benko discusses the growth gap and how Team Obama offered the GOP debt ceiling political suicide.
In Bloomberg, Amanda Crawford says that trust is in gold, not Bernanke.
FX Street writes monetary easing has revitalized talks of the gold standard.
On Barrons, Ben Levisohn reports emerging markets are embracing the gold standard.
From Bloomberg, Mathew Klein writes the gold standard wasn’t so bad.
At Bloomberg, David Stockman warns of a fed-fueled bubble. On Marketwatch, Stockman refutes criticism by Paul Krugman.

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