Weekend Wrap Up: Brian Domitrovic writes trashing the gold standard is for amateurs; The Sun critiques Stockman, Praises Brady Monetary Commission; Hugo Salinas Price weighs in on Bitcoin

Politics and Government

On National Review, Larry Kudlow criticizes President Obama’s growth-busting budget. 
In The WSJ, David Malpass describes the economic message of President Obama’s budget. 
Monetary Reform
On Forbes.com, Brian Domitrovic writes trashing the gold standard is now the stuff of amateurs.
Hugo Salinas-Price, the Sage of Mexico, nails Bitcoin:
On RI Holtz, Barry Ritholtz gives the 12 rules of goldbuggery. 
At Forbes, Steve Forbes explains why gold plunged. 
From Forbes.com, Ralph Benko writes Paul Krugman v. David Stockman: The Great Debate Over Gold Continues 
The Sun critiques Stockman, praises the Brady Monetary Commission again
At Forbes.com, Nathan Lewis states the correlation between the gold standard and stupendous growth is clear. 
In The WSJ, John Tamny argues gold’s plunge is cause for optimism. 
Detlev Schlichter says its official: global economic policy now firmly in the hands of money cranks. 
On The Jewish Press, Rafi Farber says if Israel was on the gold standard, there would be a massive transfer of wealth to the middle class. 

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