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Tuesday round up: Domitrovic on Obama’s economic history; Benko notes a Bank of England study; Ponnuru on the President’s inequality claims.

Note to readers: Sorry for the spotty coverage the last few days. Professional and holiday obligations have interfered with regular postings. Hope to be back on track, at least until Christmas week.

From Forbes, Prof. Brian Domitrovic fails the President in economic history.

On TGSN, Ralph Benko highlights a Bank of England study suggesting growth under Bretton-Woods was superior to the current floating currency era.

At RCM, John Tamny chides the President for critiquing company shareholders and productivity enhancing technology.

On The Kudlow Report, Sen. David Vitter (LA) debates Newt Gingrich’s flat tax proposal:

At Bloomberg, National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru suggests voters aren’t buying the President’s inequality talk.

On NRO, Larry Kudlow rebuts the President’s anti-supply-side broadside.

From Alhambra Partners, Joe Calhoun expresses skepticism of last week’s European debt agreement.

In The National Interest, Amitai Etzioni suggests fear of China is vastly overblown.

From Pajamas Media, David Goldman argues the Egyptian economy is in terrible shape.

On The Kudlow Report, Art Laffer advocates cutting unemployment benefits:

In The NYT, Bruce Bartlett examines who exactly counts as rich.

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