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Wednesday round up: Stoll, Bolduc and Costa on Gingrich; Jenkins on Romney; CNN reports the euro falling below $1.30.

From The NY Sun, Ira Stoll suggests Newt Gingrich has surged in part because his tax policies are superior to Mitt Romney’s.

In The WSJ, Holman Jenkins Jr. argues the nation needs a problem solver like Romney.

At NRO, Brian Bolduc reports that Gingrich saw supply-side economics’ political potential early, but wasn’t deeply interested in the economic details.

On The Kudlow Report, Robert Costa discusses US Rep. Paul Ryan’s (WI) critique of Gingrich for not edorsing unpopular entitlement reforms:

CNN notes the euro falling below $1.30.

The WSJ highlights the rise of regulation under the current administration.

At Forbes, Bill Flax argues pending tax increases and regulation are strangling business.

In IBD, Jim Gilmore proposes interesting pro-growth ideas but omits dollar stability.

On CNBC, John Carney cites Jude Wanniski’s view that budget deficits should be considered relative to the total size of the economy.

From First Trust, Brian Wesbury and Robert Stein see the economy improving and doubt the Fed will enact QE3.

On CNN, Stephen Moore argues unemployment benefits go on too long:

At The Freeman, the late great Julian Simon supports immigration.

In The Washington Post, Charles Lane highlights conservative Keynesian Martin Feldstein’s long-standing opposition to the euro.

From the archive, Feldstein advocates dollar “competitiveness” via a lower exchange rate.

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