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Tuesday round up: More Nixon Shock commentary; Perry attacks the Fed; Moore advocates a Kemp-style growth agenda.

More commentary on Nixon’s closing the gold window:

The Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol
Forbes, Charles Kadlec
Fox News, Ralph Benko
Forbes, Ralph Benko
Barron’s, Jude Wanniski (from 2001)
Lew Rockwell, Gary North, Jordi Franch
Capital Gains and Games, Bruce Bartlett

And on The Alyona Show, Ralph Benko discusses Nixon’s decision:

From Cato, Dan Griswold notes the Nixon Shock anniversary but praises the floating dollar:

Closing the gold window was arguably inevitable given the lack of monetary discipline by the U.S. central bank. By 1976, the dollar and other major currencies were floating freely, which has turned out to work rather well, as Milton Friedman predicted it would. It also turned out that pressure on the dollar to depreciate was not driven by speculators after all but by the surplus of dollars that had been created to finance the Vietnam War and the Great Society.

ABC reports Gov. Rick Perry (TX) suggesting more Fed easing would be treasonous.

On NRO, Larry Kudlow praises the substance of Perry’s remark.

At Reuters, Jim Pethokoukis contrasts Perry’s Fed comments with past comments by Gov. Mitt Romney (MA).

On The Kudlow Report, US Rep. Ron Paul (TX) discusses gold and Perry’s Fed comments:

At NRO, Katrina Trinko notes Romney’s shift towards a flat tax.

From The WSJ, Stephen Moore wonders if the GOP remembers Jack Kemp’s pro-growth message.

Future of Capitalism compiles responses to Warren Buffett’s tax increase advocacy.

IBD also weighs in. As does NRO’s Michael G. Franc.

On Fox Business News, Steve Forbes discusses returning to the gold standard:

At RCM, John Tamny warns against banning short sales.

On CNBC, John Carney suggests the political parties may be conspiring to kill Jude Wanniski’s two Santa Clauses.

At Bloomberg, NRO editor Ramesh Ponnuru advocates more loose money.

Also on Kudlow, a panel discusses Perry’s Fed remarks:

On NRO, US Rep. Thad McCotter (MI) describes America facing a Great Deflation but chastises the Fed for inflationary quantitative easing.

At The NYT, Bruce Bartlett argues the economy needs Keynesian demand-side stimulus.

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