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Tuesday summary: Domitrovic contextualizes the recovery; Tamny on the weak dollar; Rutledge sees China inflation as a warning for the U.S.

From Forbes, Brian Domitrovic contextualizes the current recovery’s extraordinarily slow growth.

On RCM, John Tamny argues the weak dollar is responsible for the economy’s weakness.

At Forbes, John Rutledge sees China’s inflation as a warning for the U.S.

On The Kudlow Report, Republican candidate Tim Pawlenty highlights his pro-growth message:

The Washington Post notes the President’s softening poll numbers and Mitt Romney’s rise.

From NRO, Kevin Williamson responds to critiques of his focus on austerity versus growth by arguing we need both.

On RCM, Steve Forbes discusses the dollar and gold:

From Bloomberg, Amity Schlaes challenges Paul Krugman’s view of 1937’s recession within the depression.

At The NYT’s Economix blog, Bruce Bartlett suggests U.S. taxes are similar to Western European nations when healthcare costs are included.

In The Washington Post, Glenn Kessler challenges the President on the auto bailouts’ success.

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