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Tuesday Summary: Robert Romano mocks the recent market panic; Art Laffer discusses the countless stimulus failures

Politics and Government
At International Liberty, Dan Mitchell explains how America’s increasing unemployment proves keynesian economics is a flop. 
From The WSJ, Art Laffer discusses the countless failures of government stimulus spending.
On Larry Kudlow’s radio show, Larry Kudlow interviews Congressman Kevin Brady. 
In The WSJ, Stephen Moore writes on the upcoming budget battle in Congress. 
At Fox Business, Eric Singer contends that the markets do better when Congress is on vacation. 

Monetary Reform
From Forbes, Ralph Benko critiques John Cochrane’s recent Wall Street Journal op-ed Myths and Facts About the Gold Standard but considers Cochrane a major development as the first serious engagement by an elite academic economist with the modern gold proponents.  Benko reviews rising interest in the Congress, led by Rep. Kevin Brady and Rep. Jim Jordan, in monetary reform.
On Real Clear Markets, Robert Romano mocks the market panic over the Federal Reserve’s decision to not intervene further in the economy. 
At Forbes, Richard Karlgaard states that spending cuts will help America reach 4% growth. 
From Telegram, Shaun Sutner reports on a Massachussetts pension reform task force that still hasn’t assembled nearly a year after pension reform legislation was passed. 
At Fox Business, Elizabeth Macdonald disputes the Illinois policies which have led the state to spend more on pensions then education. 
The WSJ shows how Brazil tax cuts supported their domestic auto industry. 

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