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Weekend Round-Up: Rob Bluey on President Obama’s regulatory record; Nathan Lewis on the misconception of the gold standard

Regulatory Reform

At Hot Air, Rob Bluey, debunks the myths surrounding President Obama’s regulatory record. 
Monetary Reform
From Forbes, Nathan Lewis writes about the misconceptions of the gold standard. 
At Silver Currency for Mexico, Hugo Salinas Price discusses the failure of the euro. 
At The Daily Capitalist, John Tamny argues that QE3’s failures show a rejection of Bernanke’s policies. 
Pension Reform
From Ai-Cios, Benjamin Ruffel shows how the public pension system would be better served. 
On Equities, the amount of pension funds spent on Wall Street fees is revealed. 
In RT, bankrupt California cities are slashing public services to fund six-figure pensions 
At GOP USA, Larry Kudlow discusses the troubling recent jobs report. 
From Four Percent Growth, David Malpass demonstrates how stimulus measures slow growth. 
On Fox Business, Art Laffer contends the government is leading America towards an economic collapse. 

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