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Tuesday Summary: Robert Romano on America’s excessive debt; Larry Kudlow on ‘The Reagan in Romney’

Politics and Government
At GOPUSA, Larry Kudlow shows us “The Reagan in Romney”
On The WSJ, Stephen Moore compliments Paul Ryan’s understanding of the economy and the policies needed for growth.
From Forbes, Ralph Benko reviews how out-of-touch President Obama is with residents of Tombstone, Arizona.
Monetary Reform
In The WSJ, Joe Palazzolo reports on Paul Ryan’s criticism of the Federal Reserve, and his support of a more rules-based monetary policy.
At Gold Switzerland, Philip Barton argues that a return to gold-backed currency is inevitable.
From NetRight Daily, Robert Romano sheds light on how excessive debt is destructive to economic growth.
In Detroit News, David Shepardson writes on the increasing taxpayer-loss estimates for the auto bailout.
In Fox Business, Lou Dobbs shows the true costs of the auto bailout. 

Regulatory Reform
From Forbes, Halah Touryalai discusses the additional checking and ATM fees that are resulting from the Dodd-Frank bill.
On Firehouse, Rebecca McKinsey reports that Ohio will be raising the retirement age of state employees.
At Yahoo Finance, Joe McDonalds says Chinese companies are pulling out of US stock markets. 

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