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Thursday News: Stephen Moore on ‘Mediscare’; Brian Domitrovic, Alan Reynolds, and Dan Mitchell discuss taxes and income inequality

***8/16/2012- Lewis Lehrman will be on Lou Dobbs Tonight at 7PM and 10PM on the Fox Business network. 
Politics and Government
From The WSJ, Stephen Moore believes Democrats are preparing for a sequel to their 1995 “Mediscare” campaign.
At The Laffer Center, Brian Domitrovic writes on the lefts track record with income inequality. 
Monetary Reform
At Seeking Alpha, Ben Mountifield discusses the death of paper money and the reemergence of a gold standard. 
In Cato @ Liberty, Dan Mitchell highlights President Obama’s dismal record on spending and points to a new video which criticizes the stimulus bill.
From CSPAN, Brian Domitrovic, Alan Reynolds, and Dan Mitchell discuss taxes and income inequality. 
At International Liberty, Dan Mitchell unmasks the left’s claim that they won’t raise taxes on the middle class.
CBS News reports that North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple has called for a large $545 million tax cut package to further advance his states current economic boom.
The SF Gate, echoes California residents calls for pension reform from their state government. 
CBS St. Louis updates readers on Illinois’ continued pension reform battle. 
At Real Clear Markets, Steven Malanga shows how California cities have become bankrupt due to pension costs. 
On Fox Business, Thom Reilly explains the impact of federal employee pension costs

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