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Tuesday update: Domitrovic on stagflation; Tamny on easy money; Kudlow discusses purposeful inflation.

From Forbes, Brian Domitrovic recommends supply-side measures to counter the current stagflation.

At RCM, John Tamny rebuts the claim that Wall Street loves easy money.

On The Kudlow Report, WSJ columnist Brett Arends proposes raising CPI to 5% to devalue the debt and bolster the economy:

The Atlantic reports Newt Gingrich will give a speech Wednesday on the dollar and the Fed.

At NRO, Larry Kudlow cheers the Supreme Court’s decision on Walmart.

From Bloomberg, Amity Schlaes suggests Paul Volcker’s sky-high interest rates are what we need now.

On Fox News, Steve Forbes argues the weak dollar is behind the weak economy:

In The NYT, Bruce Bartlett expands his argument that taxes are low.

On Kudlow, James Pethokoukis discusses the slow economy and Bruce Bartlett’s tax analysis:

On NRO, Kevin Williamson continues to respond to critics of his growth agnosticism.

In The WSJ, Keynesian Alan Blinder argues spending cuts will hurt the economy.

On MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, Bruce Bartlett appears to refute Republican “lies” about tax cuts, but then confirms some parts of their claims:

At Bloomberg, UVA’s Joseph Thorndyke dredges up arguments that the Reagan Boom starting in 1982 was due to Fed loosening and deficit spending.

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