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Tuesday update: More on the new economics laureates; Benko on the Heritage monetary conference; Moore on how to raise emplyment.

The WSJ editorial board and David Henderson applaud the new Nobel Laureates (and here).

From Forbes, Ralph Benko links the Occupy Wall Street protestors to last week’s Heritage Foundation conference on a stable dollar.

The NY Sun advises the Republican candidates on key themes for tonight’s debate.

At NRO, Larry Kudlow suggests Monday’s big stock market rally was due to a European bank bailout program taking shape.

On The Kudlow Report, Stephen Moore debates jobs:

At RCM, John Tamny rebuts the President’s claims on green energy subsidies.

On Forbes, Charles Kadlec suggests higher tax rates on the wealthy will do little but spread the misery.

From The Weekly Standard, Larry Lindsey argues cash flow problems are stymieing the economy and the Great Depression was improved by FDR’s decision to devalue the dollar.

At RCM, McCain economist Doug Holtz-Eakin advocates tax reform rather than tariffs to better compete with China.

From last week, The WSJ praises House Speaker John Boehner (OH) for refusing to pass China tariff legislation.

On Kudlow, a panel discusses the Republican primary:


In The Washington Times, Richard Rahn explains the futility of punishing banks for responding to regulatory restrictions.

From The Washington Post, Hernand de Soto notes that “over the past 15 years… as they package, bundle and resell securities, Americans and Europeans have gradually undermined the reliability of the records that guarantee or make credit trustworthy.”

On COAL, Paul Krugman expresses concern that some Occupy Wall Streeters have taken up sound money, but helpfully rebuts opposition to fractional reserve banking.

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