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Policy and Government

***U.S. Economy Hits 3% Growth In Third Quarter, Beats Expectations***

On Real Clear Markets, Jimmy Sengenberger defeats the real trickle-down myth.

The Washington Post, acknowledges the Little Dark Age and kowtows to a dream of Bernie Sanders.

Karen Reed lists 8 ways technology is improving your health.


At, Nathan Lewis debunks James Ledbetter’s arguments against gold.

From Bloomberg, Ben Emons says rules-based monetary policy will keep volatility low.

On Bloomberg, Nir Kaissar says John Taylor is on Trump’s shortlist for Fed chair.


Arthur Laffer discusses tax reform.

Steve Forbes tells us to think big on tax cuts.

Larry Kudlow explains Trump’s tax reform plan.

At Yahoo News, Rick Newman explains why taxpayers may get a raise soon.

Vanity Fair reveals the left’s hatred of tax cuts.