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Larry Kudlow discusses the importance of appointing a stable-dollar Fed chair.

Policy and Government

At Newsweek, Nicole Goodkind writes Trump is laughing at Democrats and economists as the economy grows.

From, John Tamny argues the NFL can fix its ratings decline by firing mediocre owners.


In the NY Sun, Larry Kudlow discusses the importance of appointing a stable-dollar Fed chair.

The NY Sun asks if America is on a gold standard.

At FXStreet, Arkadiusz Sieroń explains why China’s renminbi is unlikely to challenge the dollar any time soon and how gold prices are shaped not by stocks but by flows, noting how in July 2015, when the PBOC announced an almost 60 percent jump in its bullion reserves since 2009 the price of the yellow metal declined in response.

At Alt-M, Larry White discusses blockchain and gold.


In the San Diego Union-Tribune, Steve Forbes asks Congress for a big fat tax cut, come back for reform later.

From Newsmax, Larry Kudlow says tax cut momentum is high.

From USA Today, Grover Norquist says it’s time to act on tax reform.

At, Senator Cornyn and Senator Cassidy explain how tax reform will fuel economic growth.

In the Union Leader, Deroy Murdock says Republicans should cut taxes before holiday shopping season.

From Newsmax, Rob Williams believes 2nd quarter GDP growth helps the argument for tax reform.

At the Washington Examiner, Paul Bedard reports the top 20% pay 95% of all income taxes.


On Real Clear Politics, Steve Forbes says it’s time to kill the regulatory swamp monsters.

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