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VIDEO: Steve Forbes explains why we need tax cuts.

Policy and Government

On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny says the pathway to growth is an absence of economists.


In The Federalist, Thomas Parker says Sorry Janet Yellen, government doesn’t solve financial crisis’, it creates them.

From CNBC, Jeff Cox reports the market does not anticipate another 2017 rate hike.

At Alt-M, George Selgin gives a primer on the origination of coinage.


VIDEO: Steve Forbes explains why we need tax cuts.

On KDMT, Jon Decker praises President Trump’s tax speech.

Senator Rand Paul signals he is ready to fight for tax cuts.

The WSJ says the GOP shouldn’t let process get in the way of policy on tax cuts.

On Real Clear Politics, Ed Feulner says we should give tax cuts a fighting chance.

From, Clyde Wayne Crews Jr. explains how Trump’s tax reform plan will benefit the middle class.

On Real Clear Markets, Scott Hodge debunks claims on corporate tax avoidance.

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