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Policy and Government

Warren Buffet: “I don’t think the country will go into socialism in 2020 or 2040 or 2060.”

Warren Buffet throws cold water on the idea of managing companies based on trendy “environmental, social and governance” metrics.

Buzz Aldrin: It’s time to focus on the great migration to Mars.

On RCM, Adam Brandon and John Tamny celebrate fewer manufacturing jobs and more millionaires.

John Merline: Sorry Dems, Trump built this economy.

Dan Mitchell: Trump’s tariff tweets were his worst ever.

Scott Walker: GOP needs to wake up to Democrats’ redistricting power grab.


Tucker Carlson talks to Stephen Moore about the smear campaign against him.

Terry Schilling: GOP capitulated to dirty tactics on Stephen Moore.

John Taylor: Interest rates should go to around 3 percent.


Joe Biden: First thing I’d do as President is repeal those Trump tax cuts.

Director Kudlow: I’m not in favor of raising the gas tax.


On RCM, Liam Sigaud explains why railroad crew mandates are a terrible idea.


FEE indicts socialism as the cause of Venezuela’s decline.

Richard Rahn: Learn from Europe’s economic mistakes.