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Wednesday items: Benko on pro-gold comments in emerging markets; Lehrman advocates fast growth to reduce deficits; Politico on NY’s special election.

From TGSN, Ralph Benko reports on pro-gold standard comments from the emerging markets.

At Bloomberg, Sen. Tom Coburn (OK) suggests solving the debt crisis by eliminating tax expenditures and trimming entitlements.

On TGSN, Lew Lehrman explains that four percent annual growth compounded over a decade would fix most of the deficit problem:

Politico analyzes the GOP’s special election loss in Jack Kemp’s upstate NY congressional district.

From House Republicans, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (WI) recasts his Medicare plan as needed to save the program:

On Econlog, David Henderson argues for ending the IMF.

From First Trust, Brian Wesbury says don’t worry about the softening economy.

At The Atlantic, David Indiviglio measures the national debt in terms of gold:

The WSJ comments section features interesting comments on my Mundell op-ed.

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