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Thursday items: Woodhill rebuts inequality claims; Moore sees higher tax rates; Cantor on the GOP’s growth agenda.

From Forbes, Louis Woodhill rebuts income inequality rhetoric.

At The WSJ, Stephen Moore sees top tax rates combining state and federal taxes climbing to 62 percent.

On The Kudlow Report, House Republican Leader Eric Cantor (VA) discusses the GOP’s jobs and growth agenda, including good ideas on tax rates, but he doesn’t mention stabilizing the dollar:

Bloomberg reports new Sen. Rob Portman (OH) is the leading Republican on economic issues, stressing growth and jobs over spending cuts.

At COAL, Paul Krugman counsels calm on the deficit.

The Washington Post reports the President’s plan to reduce or streamline regulations.

On Kudlow, businessman and tax reform advocate Herman Cain discusses his rise to second place in the Republican presidential primary:

ABC News features U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (WI) standing by his Medicare plan.

On Bloomberg, supply-side guru Robert Mundell suggests Europe will benefit from a lower euro and speaks highly of IMF front-runner Christine Lagarde.

At The Freeman, Gerald O’Driscoll examines the falling dollar’s impact.

The Onion mocks private currency advocates. (Warning: coarse language.)

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