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Wednesday News: Larry Kudlow’s economic report card; Steve Forbes compliments Ron Paul for promoting a gold based currency

Politics and Government

Ralph Benko discusses the way the world (really) works in Also in TGSN, Benko says “The value of gold is absolute wherever you go.”

On CNBC, Larry Kudlow gives his economic report card

Monetary Reform

Steve Forbes compliments Ron Paul for promoting “a gold-based currency is critical for preserving liberty”

Kurt Schuler publishes lost transcripts of Bretton Woods noted at Sound Money Project

Atlas Foundation publishes Roads to Sound Money, noted at Sound Money Project

Kathleen Packard in TGSN, It Started in Medina del Campo

Regulatory Reform

In The Des Moines Register, Donnelle Eller reports that Iowa is eyeing regulatory reform.


In The Telegraph, Janet Daley praises Art Laffer.


In The Central Penn Business Journal, Jason Scott writes that Pennsylvania’s recent pension report highlights the need for reform.

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