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Weekend Round Up: Grover Norquist Champions the Virtue of Public Officials Honoring their Commitment to the Voters to Not Raise Taxes; Lewis Lehrman discusses the gold standard on The Larry Parks Show

Politics and Government

Human Events profiles Republican Study Committee executive director and free market hero Dr. Paul Teller

On Real Clear Politics, Larry Kudlow compares Herbet Hoover to President Obama.

Monetary Reform

Lewis Lehrman discusses the gold standard on The Larry Parks Show

Ralph Benko reminds us of the story of the richest man who ever lived, “blessed with oodles of salt and gold,” at TGSN


Grover Norquist tells Politico’s Mike Allen “the pledge takes the weasel words out and says, “I’m going to go to the state capitol as governor, as state legislators, to Washington as a congressman, senator, president.  I’m going to reform government, I’m not going to raise taxes,” tells you an awful lot of what you want to know about an elected official if they make that commitment in writing because they can’t take it back.”

Time Magazine says that Grover Norquist and the Pledge will survival the fiscal cliff 

In The Hill, Grover Norquist calls out Sen. Chambliss for threatening to break his word to the people of Georgia.

At Human Events, John Hayward attacks President Obama’s plan to address the fiscal cliff.

From ATR, Paul Blair argues that history shows Democrats aren’t serious in budget deals.


From Plan Sponsor, Wisconsin tops Morningstar State Pension analysis.

In The Denver Post, Tim Hoover reports that  Colorado’s public pension fund is not fiscally sound.

From Go Local Worcester, Adam Drici states that MA public pension costs are among the nations highest.

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