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Wednesday round up: Breen critiques Romney’s tax plan; China won’t revalue its currency; IBD refutes Krugman on Reagan’s Keynesian record.

At Supply-Side Forum, Ed Breen critiques the Romney tax plan.

The WSJ notes the Fed is weighing sterilized bond purchases (h/t: Larry Kudlow).

Reuters reports China refuses to bow to US pressure to appreciate the yuan (h/t: Bretton Woods Research).

On The Kudlow Report, former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie suggests Obamacare should be central to the 2012 campaign:

IBD rebuts Paul Krugman’s claim that President Reagan was a better Keynesian than President Obama.

From First Trust, Brian Wesbury highlights the French proposal to raise the top tax rate to 75%.

In IBD, James Carter and Jason Fichtner advocate the corporate tax becoming a major campaign issue.

At CNBC, John Carney contrasts Austrian economics with Modern Monetary Theory.

In Forbes, Richard Salsman advocates positive financial reforms.

At TGSN, Ralph Benko notes the monetary difficulties following abolition of the First National Bank.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform argues against legal immigration. H/t Bruce Bartlett: “As I have long said, those that are opposed to illegal immigration are really opposed to legal immigration as well.”

Businessweek reports cigarettes are the most stable international currency.

On Modeled Behavior, Karl Smith agrees with Paul Krugman that opponents of demand-side solutions to the 2008 financial crisis destructively undermined a helpful consensus.

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