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Wednesday round up: Hassett and Hubbard on corporate tax plans; The NY Sun on oil and the dollar; Lewis on the classical gold standard and current account deficits.

In The WSJ, Kevin Hassett and Glenn Hubbard analyze the candidates’ corporate tax reform plans.

The NY Sun argues monetary policy is driving high oil prices.

From First Trust, Brian Wesbury sees no sign of QE3 coming.

On The Kudlow Report, Larry discusses the GOP race after Rick Santorum’s victories in Alabama and Mississippi:

At TGSN, Ralph Benko reprints Lawrence White’s argument that the US has enough gold to transition to the classical gold standard.

From NWE, Nathan Lewis counters the claim that the classical gold standard limited current account deficits.

On CNBC, Steve Forbes discusses the GOP candidates.

At Reuters, Chris Papagianis notes three disturbing trends in commercial banking.

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