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Thursday items: Wesbury rebuts pessimists; Woodhill assesses Ted Cruz; Shelton talks sound money.

From First Trust, Brian Wesbury rebuts market bears.

On Forbes, Louis Woodhill assesses the economic plan of Senate candidate and “Great Conservative Hope” Ted Cruz (TX).

From Atlas Foundation, Judy Shelton discusses sound money, Bretton Woods, her idea for Treasury Trust Bonds, and Robert Mundell’s euro:

In The WSJ, Joseph Sternberg predicts rare-earth elements will be cheap and plentiful in future.

From Bloomberg, Amity Shlaes doubts the Fed’s idea of controlled, modest inflation.

TGSN features CPAC video of John Mueller, Jeffrey Bell and James Grant discussing the gold standard:

On NPR, supply-sider Jeff Bell highlights the importance of social issues to key segments of the electorate.

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