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Wednesday round up: Hubbard outlines Romney’s new tax plan; Holtz-Eakin critiques the President’s corporate tax plan; Domitrovic notes the CEA’s rosy scenario.

At NRO, Larry Kudlow reports Mitt Romney will propose a bolder tax cut plan.

On The Kudlow Report, Glenn Hubbard discusses the Romney tax plan, including “cutting the corporate tax to 25%; eliminating the added tax burden on firms to bring overseas profits home; eliminating the corporate AMT and making the R&D credit permanent. On the individual side, a 20% cut across the board in marginal tax rates; eliminate the alternative minimum tax as well.”

At NRO, Doug Holtz-Eakin finds problems with the President’s proposal to cut the corporate tax rates.

From Forbes, Brian Domitrovic notes the rosy economic growth assumptions underlying the President’s budget.

The WSJ critiques the President’s plan to triple the tax on dividends.

In The WSJ, Benn Steil notes the Fed’s poor record of forecasting inflation.

From Alhambra Partners, Joe Calhoun worries inflation will undermine the recovery.

At First Trust, Brian Wesbury suggests stocks are still cheap.

From, Newt Gingrich provides an interesting analysis of the US energy potential, but omits the dollar from his analysis:

On NRO, Reihan Salam examines declining labor force participation.

At The NY Sun, Ira Stoll reviews Allan Meltzer’s new book defending capitalism.

In The WSJ, Austan Goolsbee notes some of America’s uncounted trade surplus items.

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