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Wednesday Summary: Bloomberg reports GOP draft platform to call for a gold commission

***Bloomberg reports GOP draft platform to call for a Gold Commission***

Other planks…call for creation of a commission to “consider the feasibility” of returning the U.S. dollar to the gold standard “to set a fixed value” for the currency. Romney repeated yesterday his backing for an audit of the Fed as the platform panel began its deliberations.”

Monetary Reform

Juxtaposed with Ralph Benko, at Forbes, who calls upon Paul Ryan to remember the advice of Reagan adviser Lewis Lehrman to adopt the gold standard as a key ingredient to economic growth and restraining federal profligacy. At Reuters, Pedro Nicolaci da Costa contends that Paul Ryan’s Fed policy views are well outside the mainstream

From National Review Online, John Miller interviews George Gilder on his new book “Wealth and Poverty; A New Edition for the 21st Century.”

At Commercial Appeal, Ted Evanoff reviews George Gilder’s new book.

In American Progress, Michael Ettlinger and Michael Linden offer seven graphs that show supply-side policies don’t work.


At International Liberty, Dan Mitchell states that Obamacare has become a racket for overpaid bureaucrats.


On Face The Nation, Grover Norquist points out that President Obama raised taxes on the poor too.

On CSPAN, Steve Forbes talksabout his new book, “Freedom Manifesto: Why Free Markets Are Moral and Big Government Isn’t.

Jon Lovitz discusses taxes with Sean Hannity


In Mercury News, Rich Danker writes on how bad pension accounting sunk Stockton.

From Daily Record, NY reports on the states pension fund drop. 

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