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Monday Items: Doug Hornig reports on a proposed plan to recognize gold as a Tier 1 monetary asset; Amity Shlaes contends Paul Ryan will make the U.S. a better investment

Politics and Government
Is Obama losing elite liberal support?

Cover of Newsweek: Niall Ferguson says ‘Obama’s Gotta Go’. 
From cover of The NYT Sunday Magazine, Paul Tough questions what President Obama really believes in. 
The NYT Monday lead story, Binyamin Appelbaum argues that economists and political allies say the response to the housing crisis was a significant mistake. 
On Bloomberg, Amity Shlaes contends Paul Ryan will make the U.S. a better investment.
In Forbes, John Tamny questions whether “Unintended Consequences” is a scary preview of Mitt Romney’s economic plan.
From Fox Business, Art Laffer discuses how Americans will vote in November. 

Monetary Reform
At Gold Seek, Doug Hornig reports on a proposed shift in the Basel III standard for recognizing gold as a Tier 1 monetary asset for banks. 
From Financial Sense, Rafal Rudowski writes on how to introduce a gold standard.
At The WSJ, Stephen Moore warns readers of the ongoing medicaid scare campaign.
On International Liberty, Dan Mitchell questions why The NYT thinks tax increases on the middle class will make America more prosperous.
In Market Watch, Diana Furchtgott-Roth shows the case for supply-side tax cuts.
In CNS News, Susan Jones reiterates Art Laffer’s defense of trickle-down economics.
Regulatory Reform 
UT San Diego applauds California lawmakers for looking to reform regulations. 
On My San Antonio, T.R. Fehrenbach discusses how local municipalities are deep in the red due to pension costs.
The Times Union, covers New York State’s pension deficit.

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