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Wednesday summary: Domitrovic applauds partisanship; Malpass on international conferences; Tamny on creative destruction.

From Forbes, Brian Domitrovic notes the economic damage done by bipartisan deals and the prosperity brought by partisanship.

In The WSJ, David Malpass stresses the need for monetary reform and spending cuts, not unproductive international conferences.

At Forbes, John Tamny explains the dynamism of market competition.

On The Kudlow Report, Sen. John Barasso (WY) arguesObamacare is a jobs killer:

From Market Oracle, Simit Patel suggests the Eurozone crisis will push the monetary system towards gold.

At First Trust, Brian Wesbury argues Germany should withdraw from the euro.

In The WSJ, Todd Buchholz advises the US to avoid a rising-interest rate budget crisis by locking in low rates for 50 or 100 years.

From AEI, James Pethokoukis rebuts Bloomberg’s suggestion to cut the corporate tax while raising the capital gains tax.

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore highlights a Utah congressional race featuring a black woman Republican.

At Netrightdaily, Bill Wilson critiques Ramesh Ponnuru’s NGDP targeting plan.  

On RCM, Steve Malanga notes that Keynesians don’t want to cut spending during economic contractions orexpansions.

The Atlantic features a chart summarizing world economic history.

In The WSJ, Hillary Clinton advocates normal trade relations with Russia.

Yorktown University features a lecture by Art Laffer.

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