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Weekend Round Up- Remembering Nobel Economics Laureate James Buchanan; Paul “Chief Platypus” Krugman doesn’t get his $1T Coins

Politics and Government

In The NYT, Robert McFadden celebrates the work of of Prof. James Buchanan, Nobel Laureate and founder of the Public Choice school of free market economics

From Bloomberg News, Amity Shlaes extolls Prof. Buchanan as “one star economist who understood Obamacare.”

From Huffington Post, Sam Stein thoughtfully profiles Jack Lew, Obama’s nominee for Treasury Secretary

Monetary Reform

The Platypus-eating Eagles Win: The Wall Street Journal reports the Treasury won’t mint the trillion dollar platinum coins.

The Last Battle Before the Surrender of Team Platypus:

In The NYT, Paul Krugman reiterates his support for the trillion dollar coin.

At The Washington Post, Ezra Klein writes “Mr. President, don’t mint that coin!”

In Forbes, Maura Pennington writes “Platinum Coin? Grow Up.”

In Newser, Mark Russell says Paul Krugman is doubling down on the platinum coin stating, “its kind of a joke, but so is the current predicament.”

In The Atlantic, Mathew O’Brien leans platypus.

Does the CPI understate inflation?  Peter Schiff thinks so.


On The Kudlow Report, Larry Kudlow discusses the payroll tax hike.

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