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Weekend update: Lewis on the euro; Calhoun on the post-QE2 dollar; Rutledge on inflation.

From Forbes, Nathan Lewis explains why Europe is better off with a single currency.

On RCM, Joe Calhoun suggests the dollar’s post-QE2 rise will lead to stronger U.S. growth.

At The WSJ, Art Laffer and Stephen Moore report the population shift from forced union states to right-to-work states.

On The Kudlow Report, John Rutledge sees inflation picking up:

From Forbes, Peter Ferrara continues his comparison of Reaganomics with Obamanomics.

On Forbes, Rich Karlgaard explains the importance of economic growth.

At Forbes, Reuven Brenner links the mortgage crisis to government’s interference in credit markets.

On Kudlow, James Pethokoukis and Deroy Murdock discuss the debt limit:

At The Washington Post, Karen Hube recounts the benefits to average families of tax expenditures (h/t: Vlad Signorelli).

The NY Daily News reports that young New Yorkers say they will leave the city due to high taxes and unemployment.

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