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Weekend update: Lewis on the stability of gold-backed currency; Domitrovic on the fiat dollar; Tamny discusses the dollar.

From Forbes, Nathan Lewis clarifies that the gold standard’s purpose is to create a currency that is stable in value.

On IBD, Brian Domitrovic argues the fiat dollar has allowed the U.S. fiscal and current account deficits.

The WSJ notes the failure of the President’s Keynesian policies.

IBD contrasts the Reagan recovery with the current one.

On The Kudlow Report, John Tamny discusses the dollar’s fall:

At Forbes, Tamny reports on one wealthy American who is “shrugging.”

From The Washington Post, George Will confirms that tax rates impact business decisions.

In The NYT, Roger Lowenstein defends the current monetary system.

The Times of India reports nations moving into dollar alternatives.

At Forbes, Bill Flax criticizes Ben Bernanke for continuing QE2.

On This Week with Christiane Amanpour, Jack Kemp-protégé U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (WI) predicts debt – not growth and jobs – will be the focus of the 2012 election:

NPR’s Robert Smith attempts to rebut the claim that the rich flee high tax states.

On Forbes, Bret Swanson praises Mitch Daniels’ management style.

The NYT profiles Gary North, whose Christian Economics includes support for the gold standard.

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