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Monday update: The Miller Center features discussion of Jack Kemp; Bloomberg calls for immigration reform; Benko says gold would reduce unemployment.

UVA’s Miller Center of Public Affairs features video of its Jack Kemp Oral History Project.

From The WSJ, Mayor Michael Bloomberg (NY) links immigration reform to economic growth.

Corrections: Page One explains that tax policy does affect economic growth and that growth fixes deficits:

At TGSN, Ralph Benko explains that a gold standard would reduce unemployment.

On Newsweek, Gary Rivlin notes the super rich don’t pay much income taxes and quotes Bruce Bartlett in favor of higher capital gains tax rates.

At COAL, Paul Krugman also argues for higher capital gains tax rates.

On The WSJ, Pulitzer Prize winning editorial writer Joseph Rago suggests seniors aren’t strongly opposed to the Ryan plan for reforming Medicare:

On TNR, progressive Jonathan Cohn criticizes Washington’s focus on deficits over growth.

At The WSJ, Martin Feldstein advocates Social Security private accounts to save the program and improve returns.

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