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Weekend Wrap-Up: Lewis Lehrman on the benefits of the gold standard; John Tamny refutes Bruce Bartlett’s argument against the gold standard; Jeffrey Bell and Rich Danker on who built the recession

Politics and Government
In The WSJ, Stephen Moore attacks Governor O’ Malley’s speech at the Democratic convention. 
Monetary Reform
On Fox Business, Lewis Lehrman contends that the gold standard is the prescription for long term economic growth

At the American Thinker Ralph Benko, in Money, Twisted; Caught in the Devil’s Bargain reminds us how Goethe, in Faust Part II, indicted paper money as Mephistophelean and quotes APP Chairman Seam Fieler as calling for the gold standard to “make money truthful.” 
On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny refutes Bruce Bartlett’s criticism of the gold standard.
At The Weekly Standard, Jeffrey Bell and Rich Danker discuss how easy money caused the recession. 
From Bloomberg, David Malpass sees U.S. recession risk in 2013.
Regulatory Reform 
From Forbes, Ed Pozzuoli writes that the path to job creation runs through regulatory reform. 
At WPRI, Ted Nesi reports on Rhode Island’s pension politics. 
The WSJ  discusses California pension dodge. 

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