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Tuesday Items: The China Post on the worldwide reverberating effects of the GOP gold commission plank

Politics and Government
On Fox Business, Art Laffer says President Obama is presiding over the worst economic recovery in U.S. history. 

At St. Augustine, David Geithman writes on four ways President Obama has failed the U.S. economy.
Monetary Reform

In The China Post, Kevin Voight believes “one platform of the recent U.S. Republican National Convention that, ultimately, could reverberate around the world is a plan to study a possible return of the U.S. to the gold standard.”
At The Cobden Center, Anthony Evans argues that we are currently incurring costs akin to having a gold standard – in that we are using gold for monetary purposes, as an inflation hedge. But we don’t get any of the benefits.
Azizonomics points out the flaws in Ben Bernanke’s jobs numbers. 
From Forbes, Ralph Benko states that Obama’s “Forward” leads directly to 1977 — back to economic misery through easy money and high tax rates.
The Southern asks Illinois legislators to keep pension reform on their radar. 
At UT San Diego, Aaron Burgin writes that California may sponsor private pensions. 
In Hudson Hud Times, Marc Kovac reports Ohio lawmakers are preparing to act on pension reform. 

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