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Where Is Donald Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize?

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #385
1) Where Is Donald Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize?

No joke. Where is it?

On Friday the Nobel Committee will announce its choice for 2021. We know that with his bombastic and sometimes offensive personality and his outsized ego, he doesn’t fit the part. We know “Donald’s no Albert Schweitzer.” We know that he offends liberals and everyone at some time or another with his New York machismo. But if the Peace Prize is to “be awarded to the person who in the preceding year has done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations,” and for the relief of human suffering, then who else could it be, but Trump? 

His Operation Warp Speed, a miraculous life-saving project to develop a vaccine in 10 months – something that the New York Times and many others assured us could not be accomplished in less than three years – has saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans and millions – perhaps tens of millions – of people across the planet.

Who else on the globe has done anything close to that for the betterment of mankind? 

Who else could have gotten this done? 

Joe Biden? Ha. 

Would awarding the prize to Trump be too political? Well, presidents Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama won the awards. And what did they do?

The progressive leftists who so fervently hate Trump can hardly diminish his stunning accomplishment. They are so over-the-moon in love with the life-saving qualities of this drug, that they want to force people to take it. It was developed by a team of brilliant American biologists, yes, but Trump made it happen by force of will.

We can’t think of a time there was a more obvious choice. And we can’t think of anyone LESS likely to be awarded the prize. That says more about the Nobel Committee than it does about Trump.

2) Reversing The Recovery

In every speech Biden gives, he talks about millions of jobs that will be created by all the government spending he wants to do.

This is single-entry bookkeeping. What about the jobs his taxes will cost the economy?

Our latest CTUP white paper, issued jointly with the Texas Public Policy Foundation and authored by Ph.D. economist Erwin Antoni, was released today. We found: The cost of the Biden Build Back Better plan spread across two bills, will reach $6.2 trillion over the next decade.
The higher tax rates on corporate income, small business income, capital gains, and so on will raise the cost of capital and reduce national investment and capital stock.
Compared to baseline growth the negative impact of these taxes over the next decade will result in 5.3 million fewer jobs, $3.7 trillion less in GDP, $1.2 trillion less in income, and $4.5 trillion in new debt.

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