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Senate GOP Punts Debt Limit into December

Unleash Prosperity Hotline – Weekend Edition
Issue #386
10/08/2021, 10/09/2021, 10/10/2021
1) Senate GOP Punts Debt Limit into December

We’re not sure we understand why Mitch McConnell agreed to a $480 billion increase of the debt ceiling, but we will give him the benefit of the doubt. We don’t know what the politics were inside his own GOP caucus. We are told that McConnell was worried about Chuck Schumer pulling the nuclear option switch to kill the filibuster.

It’s a temporary concession in our view – as confirmed by Schumer’s implosion on the Senate floor still denouncing Republicans as “irresponsible.” Chuck didn’t sound triumphant. Senator Joe Manchin reportedly told Schumer the speech was “f—ng stupid.” Congrats, Chuck.

What this sets up is an ugly legislative train wreck around Christmas.  Schumer knows that the only way Biden will be able to get his Godzilla spending bill passed is by forcing every Democrat in a swing district to vote for a wildly unpopular multi-trillion debt ceiling extension.

Let us say it one more time: Republicans are under no ethical or moral obligation to vote for one penny of debt ceiling extension.  If Democrats are so worried about a debt default, then stop the most economically destructive multi-trillion dollar spending and borrowing spree in U.S. history – and in the middle of an economic recovery. 
From now on the GOP strategy on the Biden spending blitz has to be: NO, NO, NO.

2) The Dumbest Energy Plan in History

As we warned earlier this week (and why isn’t the major media covering this story?), Europe and Asia are in the midst of the worst energy crisis since the late 1970s.  Oil prices have doubled in Europe and the UK, gas prices at the pump are above $6 a gallon – if you can get it at any price.  Western Europe gets more than half of its power from natural gas.  Those prices are up 500% this year. 

Then we read this shocking headline on Thursday:

“Experts say Europe is now largely at Russia’s mercy when it comes to energy.”
Excuse us for a moment while we rush up the stairs so we can get to the top of the rafters to shout this out to whoever will listen: This is a catastrophic turn of events for both American and Europe’s national and economic security.
Thanks to Biden’s lame-brained assault on fossil fuels, the communist thug Vladimir Putin may become the richest (and most powerful) man on the planet earth!
 The Trump plan was to make America so energy dominant on the global stage that we would bankrupt Russia’s criminal regime and the OPEC cartel.  The Biden energy plan is to bankrupt US!! 
 You heard it first here: we predict that the energy crisis hits US markets soon and that gas prices, already up a $1 a gallon under Biden will hit $5 to $6 a gallon in the weeks and months ahead.  That’s the price of going green.

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