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Which Presidential Aspirant(s) Would Make America (And You!) Prosper?

1024px-Manch-DownTownPolitics and Government

At Ralph Benko asks Which Presidential Aspirant(s) Would Make America (And You!) Prosper?

From Real Clear Markets, Robert Samuelson says it’s still the economy stupid.

At Real Clear Markets, John Tamny instructs us to ignore the pundits, oil’s collapse is an economic boom.

The WSJ says the latest jobs report missed expectations.


At The Telegraph, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard writes central banks can’t stave off deflation when everyone is playing the same devaluation game.

At Reuters, Sam Forgione reports the dollar plunged for the second day over doubts on future rate hikes.


At the American Spectator, Steve Moore explains what gives Ted Cruz’s tax plan the edge.

From, Kurt Badenhausen writes win or lose, California taxes will eat up almost all of Cam Newton’s Super Bowl earnings.

In the WSJ, Edward Lazear wishes Democrats would recall JFK.


In the Independent, Matt O’ Brien says Venezuela is evidence Lenin was wrong— debauching the currency is actually the best way to destroy the socialist, not the capitalist, system.

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