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Politics and Government

At The WSJ, Congressman Brady says tax reform needs accurate tax tables.

In The Hill, Congressman Brady writes on how to rejuvenate US growth with spending control.

From Real Clear Markets, Amity Shlaes believes Bitcoin, and the Calvin Coolidge coin, merit concern.

From National Review, Larry Kudlow argues immigration reform is pro-growth.

From The Power Of Drudge: A Little Civics Lesson For Janet Napolitano And Barack Obama. Also on, Ralph Benko describes the Republican Party death spiral as deriving from bad politics and bad policy, rather than bad technology, and how to reverse it, praising Reps. Kevin Brady and Jim Jordan.

Monetary Reform

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoes legislation making gold and silver legal tender

On Bloomberg, Steve Forbes says Bernanke distorts the whole market.
Also on financial sense, Steve Forbes says  “QE’s” should be called “Titanics.”

From Forbes, Steve Forbes welcomes the conversation about all proposed gold standard models while endorsing a Fed Open Market Operations gold price rule legislation introduced by Rep. Ted Poe (without co-sponsors) in the last Congress and recently reintroduced.

At TGSN, reflecting on a recent lawsuit bought by a Chinese mother against the Federal Reserve for the 30% reduction in purchasing power of her $250 bank acount, Ralph Benko asks “Is the Fed in breach of fiduciary duty?”   Also at TGSN strong praise for  Cato Senior Fellow and  former Vice President at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Gerald O’Driscoll’s essay, Toward a Global Monetary Order.

At, John Tamny explains what Apple’s $17B bond offer says about repatriation taxes, ZIRP, and QE.

Detlev Schlichter asks ‘is present monetary policy rational?’