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Weekend Round Up- Lewis Lehrman on the depreciation of the dollar; George Gilder on the real Reagan lessons. 
Politics and Government
At The WSJ, George Gilder discusses the real Reagan lesson for Romney/Ryan.
Monetary Reform
On Kudlow, Lewis Lehrman contends the dollar’s depreciation should have American’s considering a return to the gold standard.

From Yahoo finance, Peter Schiff predicts American’s will demand a return to the gold standard.
At The WSJ, John Cochrane states the Fed’s nontraditional actions have crossed a bright line into fiscal policy and the direct allocation of credit. 
On The New Republic, Jonathan Chait dismisses the ‘gold delusion’ that Robert Samuelson wrote of in The Washington Post 
In Forbes, John Tamny believes Romney should have addressed the need to strengthen and stabilize the dollar in his convention speech.
From Forbes, Nathan Lewis writes how the gold standard would have impacted the 2008 financial crisis.
At Cato, Gerald O’ Driscoll contends that more Fed bond-buying will harm economic growth.
On Americans for Tax Reform, Matt Blumenfeld reports on the negative impact of the DC bag tax
EGP News reveals Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed pension reform plan. 
KY Post elaborates on a pew report citing a $23 billion pension shortfall.