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Politics and Government

Benn Steil on how Dollar Diplomacy Spelled Doom for the British Empire. 
In The Washington Times, Richard Rahn says low interest rates enrich the government and starve the economy. 
In The Washington Examiner, Brian Hughes believes President Obama’s increasingly late budget gives the GOP ammunition. 
Monetary Reform
Lewis E. Lehrman’s The True Gold Standard reviewed in The National Interest
Dallas Fed President says “Don’t be a Schmuck”
From MNI, Yali N’Diaye reports a US economists panel tells Congress QE is inefficient.
On The Hill, Rich Danker argues interest rates are too low. 
At Fox Business, John Tamny says the wealth effect is a myth.


ATR reports Joe Flacco’s tax bite leaves him the second highest paid player in the NFL. 

Ralph Benko at TGSN addresses the growing respect for monetary gold by senior Chinese figures, including the Communist Party official magazine, Qiushi