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Art Laffer Warns that Biden’s Stimulus Plan Will Slow Economic Growth

Policy and Government

At Fox Business, Art Laffer warns that Biden’s stimulus plan will slow economic growth.

On KMJ Now, Ralph Benko makes the conservative case for Biden’s immigration reform.

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Jon Sanders argues in defense of price-gouging.

At The Hill, Chris Edwards explains why now is an awful time to adopt higher minimum wages.

At Spiked, Ben Pile examines environmentalists’ love of lockdowns.

At The Daily Signal, Cal Thomas argues that the spending in Biden’s stimulus is based on feelings, not facts.

Monetary Policy

On CMC Markets, Steve Hanke explains why he sees inflation ahead.

At the Mises Institute, Jp Cortez reports on a surge of sound-money legislation popping-up at the state level.

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