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Arthur Laffer says Judy Shelton should be confirmed by the Senate.

Policy and Government

At, Alejandro Chafuen says Arthur Laffer’s Medal of Freedom honors centuries of moral economics.

From, Brian Domitrovic says government work is less appealing in a land of opportunity.

MOJO reports that planting 900M hectares of trees will absorb 205 gigatonnes of carbon and neutralize climate change, inexpensively.

On Newsmax, George Gilder lists his 3 steps to save America.


On CNBC, Arthur Laffer says Judy Shelton should be confirmed by the Senate.

The NY Sun appreciates the irony of the Washington Post, having been rescued by a Fed Chairman who resigned that post in part over his commitment to the gold standard, objecting to the appointment of Judy Shelton for her commitment to the gold standard.

At, Steve Hanke praises the Hong Kong dollar.

Conor Grant at The Hustle reveals how inside America’s 2.3 million prisoner population (which would make it the fourth largest city in America, behind NYC, LA and Chicago, just ahead of Houston) the Ramen Standard beats out both the Dollar and Crypto.  Does Jay Powell know?

John Cochrane says the Phillip’s Curve is still dead.

At CATO, Lawrence White discusses Libra.


Dan Mitchell makes the case for indexing capital gains to inflation.

TBT: Dan Mitchell gives a primer on marginal tax rates.

At Newsmax, Grover Norquist says Americans should expect tax hikes under Democrats.

On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny says a tax on the rich is a tax on all of us.

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